January 24 — 28, 2018

Set against the backdrop of North America’s largest gathering of outdoor industry leaders, TRADE SCHOOL is five days of art & discussion offering a window into the real work of outdoor-inspired artists, entrepreneurs, athletes and advocates.

Located @ Understudy
Denver’s experimental art & culture incubator

Free and open to the public

Come visit us at 890 14th Street, adjacent to the Colorado Convention Center B-Cycle Station


Five days of inspirational and educational talks that get you thinking about the nature of real work.

Please be aware that Understudy is an intimate venue with limited seating available for sessions. We can accommodate about 40 people. If you’re planning to attend a session, please arrive early knowing that even arriving early does not guarantee access. Each session will also be streamed live on Facebook, and aired simultaneously at The Commons on Champa.

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Wednesday, 1/24

Thursday, 1/25

Friday, 1/26

Saturday, 1/27

Sunday, 1/28



Three artists have come together to create the backdrop of Trade School. Playing off of the theme ‘the nature of work’, the artists assemble individual and collective works showcasing their unique take on work and how they have applied themselves as professional artists in and around the outdoor industry.
Sarah Uhl

Sarah Virginia Uhl

Joy evangelist on a hunt for adventure through art and advocacy for the land

Sarah Uhl is an artist and advocate for the land, based out of Carbondale, Colorado. She is dedicated to making art that plays a role in the protection of public lands, clean water and climate issues. Sarah partners with brands and organizations who would like to amplify their messaging through art, visual storytelling and Live Art performances at festivals and events.

Jack Ludlam

Jack Ludlam

Dedicated to the makers and their tools

Jack Ludlam is a photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. Jack’s photographs primarily focus on the people and objects that represent a different generation of the proletariat. Jack has been interested in the traditional meaning of "work" since growing up on farms in Ohio.

John Fellows

John Fellows

Travel, Art, Mountains and Water

John Fellows' signature "contemporary folk" style weaves together layers of found paper, graphic block prints and handwritten text to create an old time, hands-on feel. He collects a variety of found paper, maps and books dating from the 1880s to the present to create unique linoleum carving collages that while at the very base reflect his personal experiences, are more like a brief glimpse into someone else’s story.


Understudy is Denver’s first-of-its-kind arts and culture incubator and experimental space. Operated, curated and funded by the Denver Theatre District, Understudy is a 700-square-foot space for the community to explore and experience new artistic and cultural endeavors. Understudy is a way to experiment both operationally and artistically, to determine the best way to provide artists, creative groups and the community with a free, central, immersive and innovative space for installation-based work.


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