Thursday, July 26 at 8:30am

Creating the Adventure Impact Working Group (AIWG)

For many of us, we’ve talked about how adventure has changed our lives and those around us. We’ve spoken on panels, around campfires, written blogs, and shared inspiring images that support this reality: Adventure creates positive change.

One of the unique aspects of adventure is that is can be applied liberally. Individually, it’s been used to help at-risk youth, mitigate the impacts of PTSD and improve efficacy of other treatments of life threatening disease. In group settings, it builds trust, improves communication and advances engagement.

The intent of the AIWG is to build a network of like minded guides, athletes, NGO, and organizations to share best practices, create a common voice to advocate for adventure on a broader scale, and to leverage grants and funding streams that necessitate a big picture approach that serve multiple entities. This is your chance to help create this network; to meet peers and build connections that advance the concept of “prescribe adventure.”

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