Friday, January 26 at 8:00pm

Millennial Leaders: Not Your Mother's Panel

With Wheelie Creative

Millennials. Always on their phones. Unable to get jobs. Whining about how they’re the most special snowflake out there. Right???


Explore the creativity, ingenuity, and flexibility millennials have brought to the outdoor industry. Led by the millennials of Wheelie Creative, get in on this conversation about how millennials’ forced adaptability amplifies their work, play, and hustle. Born analog and raised digital, the millennial generation is taking top positions in our industry and helping old brands learn new tricks. How does a brand respect its history and tradition without isolating itself in a sea of complacency? How can marketing managers or individuals bring new ideas and strategies to the table without getting scoffed at by our industry’s veterans? Do we really have early onset arthritis in our hands from all the scrolling and double tapping? Are digital communities as good as real ones?



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