Thursday, January 25 at 9:00pm

Co-working: A New Way to Build Communities

With Wayfinder Co-op, WeWork, Bend Outdoor Worx, and FACTORY

Not all work is done in cubicles and behind desks these days; those inclined to carve their own path know this better than anyone. But we all still need someplace to put our heads down and do our work. Coworking spaces are popping up from mountain town communities across the west to outdoor-inspired urban centers like Salt Lake City and Denver. We are bearing witness to an exciting and inventive new model of work. In this session, coworking space founders and entrepreneurs reflect on the impact on they are seeing in their local communities as a result of empowering companies and individuals alike to share workspaces, networks and experiences. And how in bridging perceived divides – rural and urban, technology and the outdoors – coworking hubs are impacting the regional economy of the Mountain West. Join us for an unfiltered conversation with a few of our favorite rule breakers and learn how you, too can plug in to YOUR new model of work.




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