Friday, January 26 at 10:30am

Water in Crisis: Will the Outdoor Industry Take the Lead?

With American Whitewater, The Nature Conservancy, Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance & Angler’s Covey, Gates Family Foundation,Colorado Parks & Wildlife, TAP-IN

The outdoor recreation industry has an opportunity to step up into a leadership gap to be a champion for water - the fuel and main ingredient for a thriving recreation industry. Outdoor recreation depends on abundant and reliable snowpack and flowing, healthy rivers. Yet, it is undeniable that our water resources are facing immense challenges, arguably a crisis that will not only threaten the industry’s success, but the western way of life. The future of our water resources is uncertain, but the outdoor industry has the opportunity, and maybe responsibility, to come together as a powerful force and voice to put in the hard work needed to protect these waters, which work hard for us from the top of the mountain to the tip of the ocean. This session will delve into the role the industry can play as an advocate for western water resources.




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